October 16


And its live…..

Hello all

So the site is finally live with a new post. So it does not look much different to this one (I am a guy and I like to keep things simple).

There are a few things to note though. If you go to the home page you will not see the blog posts. You will notice there is a signup link click here to check it out. That is not to keep up with the blog posts as I post them. It will be a monthly newsletter where I will summarize the months posts and other news.

In order to get to the new post today click here. Once again there will be a place to add your email. This is where, should you signup, it will keep you updated to the posts as they happen. I don’t think I can transfer subscribers, so unfortunately you will have to signup again (only if you want of course). This will enable you to see the full posts in the email sent out for those who do not always get to visit the site.

Also I have changed the commenting system to another provider. It should be simpler to comment, in that I don’t think you have to leave any details at all (although it does help if you leave your name so we know who we are talking to)

Also You can email me @ lynley@thehonestone.co.za should you have any questions. I generally check that mail once a day so if you don’t get immediate responses, that would be the reason.

I hope to see everyone on the other side.

the Honest One


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