March 27


Back to the Future?

“If I had known then what I know now”

I am not sure if you like that. But I often find myself drifting off into the past and wishing that I had done something differently (okay maybe quite a few somethings).

Lately I have been remembering life a few years ago maybe even a decade ago.
I find myself thinking that life was so great then and I wish I could go back and relive some of those days and tweak it just a bit.
Its almost like we build up the past into such a wonderful time. Everything seems better when we look back.
We forget that we tend to look at the past with rose coloured glasses….

I never think of the bad stuff when remembering the “good times” either. Even the facts never help me here. I know that one cannot go back, yet the desire and hope is always, that I could of…..

I know that we should live in the present, thats where true joy exists, in the now. But hope is not in the now. Hope is in a place where we are not right now is it not? Hope has to be in a place that is not here now, of course hoping that the past will change or be relived is a vain hope, it will never be…….

So the only thing I can do is focus my hope for a better life in the place where it truly belongs…..



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