May 11


be nice

Hello everyone

I often get that statement told to me ………. be nice. I wonder why?

–adjective, nic·er, nic·est.
pleasing; agreeable; delightful: a nice visit.
amiably pleasant; kind: They are always nice to strangers.

I know why people want that, I am not sure whether people fully understand what they say no to by demanding that people be nice.

For 1, Jesus was most certainly not nice. He called some people a brood of vipers, He told Peter, get behind me satan, He told a woman that He cannot give the food to dogs (implying her). Thats not nice.

We live in a world today that likes lies. We greet each other and ask how the other is, but we really don’t stay around for an answer. We go to church and if anybody presses our buttons we out of there like a cat in water. We go to work and we cannot speak our minds lest we offend someone.
Our greatest thing that we avoid at all costs is to offend someone. So we live in a lie of being NICE.

N – Never
I – Inspiring
C – Correct
E – Expression

We are not truthful with each other, if we decide to speak the truth, then we are accused of not being nice. Now I ask you, how did you develop with everyone being “nice” to you. I am not talking about normal civil behaviour where you are treated like a human (we need more of that).
I am talking about people not speaking the truth to you in the name of being nice.

I prefer people to tell me the truth than to spare my feelings. It ultimately helps me better.

On the fact that Jesus was not nice. He was good not nice and there is a vast difference between the 2…..

Be Good



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  1. Nice article, though some people (unlike yourself) is not ready to hear the truth, so being “nice” is an alternative …. better than offending them…. Some people need to have their feelings “spared” (as you put it) as they do not have the emotional capacity to hear the honest truth. This as you know it; comes with time.

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