February 15



Yes I watch smallville, my weakness in life I guess. In keeping with my theme this week of relationships, I thought this one episode really did have a great story.

Here goes :

Clark Kent (superman) and Lois Lane (at this stage she is clark’s “friend” because he did not want to hurt her in the relationship they did have therefore he broke it off) Drama drama drama hey. Anyway Lois reminds Clark that they have a reunion to go to. He goes even though he looks like his lip was dragging on the ground.

Now if anybody here watches smallville then you will know who brainiac is, if not well then, in previous seasons he was one of the enemies and not someone Clark took well to. But in this episode brainiac(a good guy now) pitches up and decides to show Clark his past, present and future. At this stage of Clark’s life he was afraid of himself, because his father had warned him of the darkness within himself. This caused Clark to pretty much run away from himself. To get to the point.

The “darkness” in his life turned out to be the past. Clark was holding onto the past and it was affecting everything. So end of episode Clark decides to let the past go and declare his love for Lois. And as they dance off to the end of the episode she steps on his feet. He starts floating. You will say so what he is superman. But this is what I want to focus on today. Up until this point Clark could not fly successfully. Yet here he is flying without even trying.

My question to you today is, what keeps you from flying? What are you holding onto that prevents you from living free and ‘flying’. Is it our past that keeps us from living totally free. Is it fear that keeps us from what we could be doing?Is that our darkness?



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  1. Yep. It is FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real.

    Most of the times the reighn in my mouth, pulling me back, that keeps me from galloping.

    But on the other hand – God’s Word says:

    2 Tim 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

    GOD’S WORD, PRAYER, FAITH, HOPE & FELLOWSHIP is important to help us to fight fear every day.


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