February 4


Busy doing nothing

At the ripe old age of 23 I was near burn out. I was holding down 2 jobs and somehow squeezed bible school in there as well.

Most weekends was without sleep as it was from gig to gig and I worked at a retails store as well. I was quite a busy person then.

For most part there was a certain comfort in that, my default answer to all requests was simply “I am busy”.


Since most people do not like repeating themselves, the requests eventually subside (except for the few who obviously never learn).

The question I asked myself eventually was…. What did I accomplish? I soon learnt that busyness does not equal accomplishment. And is simple as it sounds, it is quite hard to see this, even harder to remedy. The last thing a busy person seems to want to do is sit and relook at things. The silence that comes with evaluation and introspection, can sometimes be quite deafening.

So it is simpler to just continue doing stuff.


What it really comes down to, is we are unwilling to face ourselves and we are running away from what we are really meant to be doing. Life has a way of forcing us to deal with something. But time is against us mostly isn’t it?

Let me put it this way. At some point you are going to die….Which by definition means that you have a limited amount of time on this earth.

This leads us to the logical conclusion…..what will you spend your time on? Yes we forget this periodically, but you need to remind yourself to work on things that count and that means something. What are you really meant to be doing?


Are you accomplishing stuff? Or are you just busy doing nothing?




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