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I work in a place that probably censors more than you think. Thats right I work at a theatre. I don’t mean censorship in the strict sense of the word, but what I do mean is that the shows are very selective as to what public sees.

Most of life and information is like that today, yet we are not aware. We always believe that we get the full story. About 5 years ago I recorded an album with an artist. It took about a year to finish, but in that time the sound of most of the songs changed so much from the original. I wonder how the originals would have been received by people? I suppose I will never know hey. Even me, a lot of what I do to the sound I work with is about censoring. You never “really hearing” what is coming from stage. You hear what I change and effect and so forth. Technically parts of that is censored from your ears.

And mainly that is not bad, because it polishes the picture, but it really does make you unable to be fully objective. I will never forget, one of my first shows I did at the theatre was a tap show ( I would point out that everything on the show was mimed even the singing). Ja hey terrible. But the reviews still commented on the singing performance??????? But of course, I was not be able to correct them then hey.

So as to why I am rambling on about this. My point is that most of what we are shown and given is not the whole picture. News, music (point being here that Michael Jackson has a new album out, yet he no longer lives) sport, world events, pretty much most information out there.

What does this relate to our lives? Well lets take oil and its high price and how that affects us. Bearing in mind that our whole economy hinges on oil. So what if it became public verified knowledge that there was no shortage of oil, that it is freely available???? The price would plummet hey. And you know everything would have to become cheaper then would it not. But that will never happen. By the way this hypothetical ( though it might be true ) My point is that the whole system runs because of our ignorance of the things we do not know.

And its kept that way, mostly because most people don’t question anything. The artists who we know are not all that is out there. Many have been “censored” because other people “know what works”. How many people are never given the time of day, because they do not “fit the profile”. Yet we are sometimes the very ones who create that profile.

I walked into a christian bookstore the other day and noticed that there are a vast amount of books that are simply not on the shelves. I mean don’t get me wrong, there were alot of books, shelves and shelves of them. But there were specific ones missing. Ones I know exist because I have them. Yet they were not there. I don’t think that is unintentional. Because I know the content of the books I do have, they will not go down well with the theme of the store, therefore its censored out of there. And to the person walking in there, they will never know it exists.

In short what I guess I would like to see, is people to think for themselves and question a bit. Do not take everything as that is the way it is. Dare to be different and give people the benefit of the doubt. Don’t censor info (even about yourself because you think that is what people want ) Be yourself fully and if people do not like the uncensored version, well….. maybe they did not belong there in the first place.

Do not just accept news and headlines, they do not give the full story. Question everything…..


P.S. please don’t go out and look for conspiracies under every rock now. I simply mean do not just take everything at face value…

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