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I am not sure if they called it comprehension everywhere in the world, but when I was at high school, that is what the section of english class was called.
Usually some extract of Shakespeare, and a whole mass of questions after the extract to try and catch you out…..well okay so maybe they never wanted to catch us out, they wanted to see if we could “get” what the writer wrote. Although I would stick my neck out a bit here and say……did Shakespeare really mean everything that the people have commented on and reasoned and summarized over the centuries. Just a thought…..

But comprehending, yes the verb, is the action of taking in a specific environment and making either sense or simply understanding it fully for what the true meaning is. That is what I am saying….
For the really technically people out there…click here for the dictionary description.

I don’t particularly think I fully comprehended comprehension at the time I was in high school, for reasons I think will divert the topic today. But I wanted to have a look at how life is approached to day.
We sometimes only see what we want to see and only what relates to ourselves.

Do we fully comprehend where we are right now as a collective on earth?

– We live in a world where sport is a multi billion dollar industry, while we also have vast amounts of issues with unemployment, hunger, lack of education, limited resources.
– We live in a world where a sick person has to worry whether they will be helped, because they do not have medical aid.
– We live in a world where companies rob people of their life savings, where its okay for corrupt officials rape the citizens of their hard earned money by simply splurging it on who knows what.
– We live in a world where actors and musicians are catapulted into stardom and are incapable of living amongst the “mortals’

– We live in a world where corporations turn a blind eye to safety issues and harmful practices…..all to save a buck here and there.
– We say we want creative innovators, but we force them to go through an antiquated education system to produce people who all think the same….
– We ridicule the different, based on race, colour, class, country, language……need I go on….

That’s just a drop in the vast ocean of life’s issues in our current state here….

Do we comprehend that? Is our intellect switched on?

Does this describe the priorities of a healthy world? That we spend vast a vast amount of time on things which serve no real purpose to the greater good of humanity. I mean the longer term greater good.

There never seems to be money for the really needy, yet somehow there is always money to purchase a soccer player for a ridiculous sum of money (don’t shoot me I am just commenting). I suppose we enjoy watching the sport, but if the real issues were displayed on prime time TV and we were to make a choice between the two, would we choose the one for the greater good?

Do we comprehend where we are?

One could also ask oneself personally, do we really comprehend what is happening around us at any given time in our lives. Sometimes we really don’t know what is happening around us and we kind of go with the flow. It is so easy to turn a blind eye or simply not know what is happening around us.

We are not meant to live like that hey. We are the captains of our ships, we cannot just let the wheel go and float around. We need to understand our environment, capture it all and act, change, move, help…….

the Honest One


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