January 19


Conspiracy Theorists

You ever meet people who are ‘against the system’?

Well I am mostly one of them. But I guess I am a purist at heart. But I am talking about the conspiracy theorists. I have met quite a few in my time.

They make real convincing cases and mostly valid arguments for their position on things. I always wonder what do they do during the day? How do they live with themselves knowing ‘what they know’

I must say that I do find them incredibly entertaining though. Especially the ones that make dvd’s.

In churches there are no shortages either hey. I mean free masonry seems to be the one everyone focuses on and oh let’s not forget the prosperity doctrine.

What I have seen in most cases (not all but most) that the people who have issue with let’s say the prosperity teachings, the people who speak against it normally go quiet once they become the recipient of the teachings benefits. So my question is, if you are against something, are you really?

Or are you simply just upset with how it affects you?

So another thing I noticed is that if you are for something, and through that oppose a view, you tend to fair better.


Posted by THO (TheHonestOne)


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