September 1


Dear John…..

Confrontation is not always the easiest thing in life. I know its not easy for me. It always feels like I lose something in that process. Yet its necessary to confront things and people at least periodically.

dear john

You remember that series? “Dear John” ” by the time you read this letter I will be gone….” and the rest of the series was John dealing with life all on his own.
It seems so unfair on John in the series. Life on his own and all the questions…
Has someone ever walked out on you? And I don’t just mean a spouse. A friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a colleague? No explanation, just gone……

Other than the issue of you on your own, you are left to wonder why? All on your own….

I know it seems like one is saving the person trauma, but it really comes down to the “leaver” being selfish and not wanting to confront things head on.

I remember a time when I was in college and a close friend just never pitched up the next semester. No explanation, no communication……just gone….. I suppose she never owed me an explanation, but it would of helped I think.

I guess it comes down to value and the ability to correctly place that value on the correct things and then act.

If you value freedom and people in life, learn to confront things and people. It will only help in the long run.

I make a point of always letting people in my life know where they stand. Sometimes too much and sometimes I slip up. But honesty is very high up in my list values.
Its not easy, nothing of value in life is. Your business, relationships and family will change.

In fact I see it a lot in companies as well. Instead of dealing with the actual person who causes problems, companies create blanket rules for all. How cowardly…..

Churches do it too… People do this all the time. No one loves confrontation. There is always a loss, but there is a gain as well.

You decide….



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