July 15


The Demandalist




These are all personality traits I know. Not that I like them, but I know them. I deal with some and maybe all most of my days in my business. This does not exclude me either. I am not sure where I fit in there, but I have some of all……

However, I have come across a new one….the demandalist…

I think this type has specifically been created by our current culture.

demandalistNot pretty at all.

One would think that this kind of behaviour belongs to a 3 year old, but I assure you, that there are grown people that have this trait.

I want it and I want it now


These are those, that want what they want and they don’t care if it makes sense or what it entails to get done.

They simply do not care about the “who” they stomp on. It’s like they have an area in their life that never developed and that 3 year old creeps out. Somehow they managed to fool people into thinking they had some sort of gift.

As we all know the loudest one always tends to get the position…right? Well the loudest one is not always the right one for the job.

Maybe we got it wrong. The one doing it is not always the right  one. Sometimes all it takes is for the quiet ones to shut these demandalists up. After all, they really don’t know any better, they are just the loudest….





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