November 6


Between the devil and the deep blue sea……..

[force]Sometimes life is just a myriad of happenings and they get to me…….

What is it all for? We mission about on all the things we consider important and prioritize. We create lists of what should get our attention don’t we?

We then dish out our attention in allocated portions to whom we deem important enough to receive our undivided focus. If you lucky of course, because these days we permanently glued to our phones or tablets. And I wonder………….

Are we caught between the devil and the deep blue sea? (a saying I only recently heard from my father). We so afraid to give our time away yet we end up wasting it on meaningless things anyway. Okay maybe at the time that it is happening we don’t know the stuff is meaningless, but we soon realise that we just blew away our time….. Older people get that hey, they are not quick to give away time…..and yet they seem to have a lot of it hey… time I mean


We don’t know what the real important things are anymore. We only make ourselves available to those we think can either help us or benefit our cause. How horrible selfish of us hey………..

Like we are so important?????

Try meeting with some high level executives….. Or even a pastor from those mega churches. It is not easy at all. You left walking away asking yourself, who must I be to get their attention, or what must do?

I wonder……….

I really do wonder if sometimes we all get it wrong. This way we do things, the way we prioritize our day, the way we treat each other.

It is all rather frustrating. The days where you can take people at their word is all but a distant memory. We struggle to get hold of any person, we say we will call back, but do we?

Do we really listen to each other?????

I just cannot seem to grasp how life has become, maybe it is time to slow it all down, start over. Reboot……………

I give up.






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