October 5


Embracing your pain

Pain, the big one. We all have this in our lives. At least at some point you will experience some pain. It has troubled mankind since the beginning of time.

I know this might sound strange, but there are some people who long for pain. People who have leprosy….. Yep that is correct, they lack the ability to feel pain. And this is what ultimately causes more harm than good.

Our sense of pain warns us that there is something dangerous and we should move away. But if we lack the sense of pain (in whatever form be it physical, emotional,etc) then we will fail to protect ourselves when danger occurs.

That said, many of us shy away from pain (emotional) and we will do anything in our power to avoid experiencing any form of it.

Yet that is our very thing we should embrace. Our pain can either break us or shape us. And when we look into life we see the two responses in people’s lives. Two people will experience some form of hurt, the one will be completely broken and never recover, the other will work through it.

Its rather strange since the two people might even experience the same trauma and have different outcomes. It puzzled me for a while. And when I looked into it I realised that its simply how these people viewed pain.

One would embrace the pain and work it out realising that its only for a moment. The other would let that pain define their life and repeat it and repeat it over and over. It would ultimately destroy their life.

So the question is how do you deal with the pain in your life?

Do we allow the pain to define us?

Or do we see the circumstances and know that it is hard, but go through and work through things, facing the pain head on.

The only way I can describe the good side of embracing your pain is…… Before I answer that.

Have you ever watched a 3-D movie? Have you ever watched a 3-D movie without the 3-D glasses? Thats how life is without dealing with your pain….. You can see and you are living the experience, but there is no depth, you are not seeing the full picture.

Now embrace your pain and you will see the depth, its like you are given the 3-D glasses of life. Suddenly you have a meaningful appreciation for life, when you look you really see.

Its hard to explain until you experience it for yourself.

Embrace Your Pain, don’t let it ruin you or break you. We all have pain so you are not the only one going through what you are going through.



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  1. During the Run for the Cure this weekend, there were staffers from Lululemon yogawear holding up signs reading: “Celebrate the pain”. That we can feel it is a gift, you’re right. Well written, as always.

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