March 22



Hello All

There is always a lot going on in the world, and the latest thing dominating the news is the Japan disaster. I really hope and pray for the Japanese, but on the same stretch would really point out, that the survivors are to be commended. I mean no riots and looting, just people willing to rebuild and move on. So my Hat goes off to the people of Japan.

But to today’s discussion, I know F.A.G. can have many connotations, well I shall keep you guessing as to what I mean with it.
I was chatting to a friend of mine about the problems of the world. We were looking at the state the world is in and forces us to evaluate. It drew me to this conclusion.

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecc. 1vs9 (italics added by me)

Thats my answer to all the world’s problems. Ha ha, well you say it cannot be so simple and further more thats not really an answer. Well give me some time and you will see what I mean.

You need to see that what this world really runs on here is F.A.G. and then you see where it stems from. F.A.G. (Fear And Greed)
You will see this best if you look at the charts of the markets, on the fact that it is the best method to see human psychology at its best and worst. Lets look at the Oil chart for the past few weeks.

Now before I go into it. Ask yourself, did the amount of oil on this earth change at any given time during these events? No right? Therefore you have to ask what drives these markets? You guessed it, Fear And Greed. Of course the charting is not so easily explained, but for the sake of proving to you what drives the market, you can see. Just the thought of unrest or instability and immediately the oil price breaks to new highs and then you can see on the charts that the price takes a break and only a matter of time and the Japanese earthquake stories start affecting it, and up it goes again. (At this Libya looks not ready to stabilize any time soon, so maybe we will see higher prices in oil in the coming months, maybe we should get those bicycles out now hey)

So what does this have to do with our lives? Well the actual amount of oil never changed, but what we paid for it did. The people selling the oil want the most for it, and will use any reason or circumstance to get you to pay top dollar for it. So as in the picture when the unrest in Libya occurred, they release fear into the market, and when people fear they panic. This leads to higher prices because people who fear do not think rationally, therefore the oil price can go up and we pay more for the oil that simply stayed where it was. In this way fear and greed is used to manipulate the masses.

From our perspective, the media gets us to believe that oil is a scarce commodity and this drives prices higher due to supply and demand. So let’s say there is no shortage of oil and it was freely available (which I do think it is) then prices should be lower right? But for the sake of the oil suppliers, they will never want people to know if there is an overflow. Anyway I think you catch my drift. And of course many people would disagree or even be able to explain it better. I chose oil specifically, because that really is the currency of our world today, its price moves the entire economy. I wanted us to see that our world is not entirely and completely truthful. And we would be fools to accept all things at face value. Though the world runs on fear and greed, we do not have to.

If you study history even a little bit you will find the same stories and the same outcomes. Always the strong dominating the weak. Really look at things and ask yourself, are we really living in truth? Or are we simply floating about every whim that fear or greed throws our way. Do we blindly accept everything that is told to us?

The world has not changed much over time, since the heart of man is the problem, and where we find ourselves is simply more time given for the heart of man to express itself. So there is nothing new under the sun, the world is not getting more evil. Its simply the heart of man more fully expressing itself. Its fear and greed from the inside out.

My question, is what runs you?



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