October 15


The fading glow….

It has been a while….. Seems like forever, therefore I reckon it is fitting to start with this post…..

Out of sight is out of mind is the general way we live. We have literally hundreds of things trying to grab our attention daily. And our time is limited and we plod along.

If I don’t see a person for a long time, I don’t specifically think about them. And I am sure if I asked you to recall from memory even the people you see every day, you would struggle.

I know I do. But what about the one’s we want to spend time with. How quickly we forget even their faces. We tend to remember people by our memory of them rather than the reality isn’t it. It is why face to face is always better.

To demonstrate this, it has been proven that in a live audio environment without training and discipline, that once you walk away from the one side to the other side you would have forgotten what the other side sounds like. Heavy hey….. you actually actively have to train yourself to do this.

Now that is just a simple example. What about life and relationships. What hope do we have with the people we care about?

I also find sometimes that listening is hard to do…. I often formulate my answers to the “questions” while the other person is talking.

Terrible hey. We struggle to focus and listen. Kudos to you if you have developed this in life.

I guess my point today is……….. it takes effort to listen and discipline and it takes focused effort and discipline to maintain quality relationships in life.


They are not automatic. And you can get automated systems to build up your twitter following and facebook likes and all that, but how many will stay once you start to share who you are?

At our weekly meeting I commented (yes I even do that in real life) when someone was reading the “Give us today our daily bread” yes “Give us our daily bread, not our monthly shopping”.


There is a wisdom in that. Give us only what we need for today so we can focus on now…


More Accurate Than an Atomic Watch


So we do not take the everyday things for granted….. the fading glow of the face to face….





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