February 16


Fifty shades of……#SONA2015

I warn you, I write today because of some annoyances. And no it is not a stern warning not to watch fifty shades of grey. As far as I am concerned, watch it or don’t watch I really don’t have an opinion on that one.

On valentine’s day the movie of Fifty shades of grey was released and to no small hoopla from various groups, Christians and feminists…. and the rest.

My question to whoever has a comment is…

50 shades

Have you read the book?

I think it is rather small minded to not have read the book, yet have much to say about it. Even worse share articles against it and generally warn people.

I am not saying read the book or watch the movie (and by writing this I know I am adding to it all). But surely our society should be at a stage where we are able to tell what is good us and what is not. We cannot stick our heads into the sand and hope we never come across evil so we can make it to the end…. I would rather learn the truth and be able to identify the lies because I know what is true.

For this reason I think I would rather believe that we live in a society that is able to judge for itself and is able to look objectively for itself……

The warnings I have read like “the movie and books are only wanting your money, don’t be fooled” Really? Are people so frivolous? What about pharmaceutical companies, nobody seems to have an issue there, yet they also “want your money” and care very little about your life. What about big corporates, they don’t care about you and they just want your money, how are they any different suddenly to the fifty shades of grey parade. Yet people work for them and plod along mindlessly.
Part of being free and having freedom is that rubbish is also there. Trying to avoid it by never looking at it is not a way to deal with it.

Inadvertently the very people who are trying to stop the book/movie are actually the biggest sales people for the franchise. How do you like that?

Which leads me to my second topic. Our State of the Nation speech event (South Africa).

– Our government installed signal jammers (knowingly and pre meditated)
– They silenced a legitimate question (Made by Julius Malema)
– They had the whole EFF group forcibly removed from Parliament
– It is sort of known that this was actually policeman dressed in white shirts and black pants.
– The DA walked out due to the injustice displayed by ANC

Personally I am happy that it has occurred. Because if there was ever a question in your mind that there are hidden agendas and that the ANC tries to hide this, this event made them play their hand in front of all.

This proves that there are many issues we South Africans need to deal with. And that people in our country really are willing to just accept absolute disregard for people and the welfare of others.
Yes there were atrocities in Apartheid, but does that justify what is happening now? And if we could all open our eyes, it was not only black people that suffered.

Yes we cannot run away from the colour issue yet, because we still have not learned our lesson.

And due to impatience the oppressed want what is due to them. Yes I agree life is not fair, it will never be. Drug dealers have great lives at the expense of the lives they ruin, and that will continue for a long time, but we cannot demand what we want simply because we think it is owed to us. We are then no different to those drug dealers. We only tell ourselves we are better off…..

To tie it all up together, true freedom has a cost, it means we have to think for ourselves like with the fifty shades of grey story, make your own decisions.

And with regards to #SONA2015, here we need to fight. And it takes mature and wise people to know when to stand back and when to fight. I am not telling you what to do, but rather I hope it makes you think further than just the things that we see.



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