September 12


First Impressions Last?

Although we would never openly admit to this, but we all form opinions upon an intro to a new friend/colleague/acquaintance/etc.
And whether we like it or not we all form the dreaded FIRST IMPRESSION.

We tend to create our own impression of someone we meet and likewise they do the same when meeting us. Be it for an interview ( I hate those things).
A date

I am not a fan of first impressions, firstly because I am not someone who anybody should judge solely on a first impression. If that was the case no one would spend time with me. Interviews I think are the worst at that, because I think some people who really do suit the job perfectly does not always present themselves completely. Who can in 30mins?

Ask yourself, how many friends in your life now are there because you took a liking to their company instantly? How many did you develop friendships over time? How many people when you really got to know them surprised you?

It is for this reason that I think first impressions suck. There is no way you can formulate a truthful opinion on any person, even if you do a thorough grilling interview.

We are just not built that way. I think if companies spend more time with the people before employing them, in let’s say an interview (formal) and a non formal environment then they will make better recruitment’s.

Women will make better choices in men if they simply spent more time with the guys before jumping into a relationship for whatever reason. First impressions often fail in this environment in particular.

Men would also make better decisions with women if they spent more time just being there rather than trying to “make a good impression”

I wanted to use a story to describe something here, but I went for this analogy rather. If I were a plant, I would be a cactus.

I look unapproachable, but if you spend some time and be gentle then you won’t get hurt. Also I am quite soft in the centre and if you spend more time with the centre then you will get a kick to display my strength (tequila) ha ha ha.

If you were a plant or animal what would you be and why?


P.S. For the subscribers, sorry for last weeks double posting going out. That was an error on my part I think. 2 posts were scheduled at the same time (must be my age getting to me). Well anyway here is the actual post…


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  1. If I was a farm animal I think I’d be a duck! It is so versatile. It can fly, it can walk, and it can swim both above the water and below. It also makes a great pet but still likes to do its own thing.

    Lynley, you would make the perfect Cheshire cat…. Just like the one from Alice in Wonderland. The smile, the personality, the fur, it all fits perfectly….

    1. Are you saying I am furry? Lol. I cannot be a cat, they are from a place way down where there is no water (hence their fear of water). I will not say the place’s name since there might be cat lover’s here ha ha ha

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