July 20


foundations……dealing with conflict.

I am not sure if anyone reading this has ever setup a mix for a band on stage, from the ground up.

One normally starts with the rhythm section and build a base from there and then we move onto the extra frilly stuff like percussion and whatever fillers we have. Last we add the vocals (the melody). If that rhythm section is not built and sitting correct, you end up with a sloppy mix, one could call it a conflicting mix. It will sound like the instruments are fighting each other.

The mix you could either plod along with or you can try and solve it.

It might sound bad, but sometimes its the most simplest thing causing the conflict. Its not so easy to identify though.

What it usually entails is simply stripping it down to the basics, to fix the rhythm section. And adding everything together piece by piece. Until we have a good blend.

Our lives are like that too. Conflict and issues warn us that something is wrong. Our foundations may not be good. But in order to fix the problem, sometimes it will get worse before it gets better.

We have to be honest and admit that there is a conflict happening first, and then be willing to work on it. We all want our lives to be a good blend, a moving song, but we don’t always have that do we?

I know a lot of us simply avoid conflict, we never deal with things upfront, we will rather run away or simply pretend that nothing is wrong. But that is like leaving the song going with an irritating noise that no one can quite put their finger on, but the noise is there somewhere.

Why not just deal with the conflict and find out if your foundations are screaming at you…..



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  1. Very good post. I like the sound example. I have found that the best way to deal with irritating noises in the background is to just stop everything and then trust God to help me put it all back together in a way that works. I have found that the radical option of “switching” it all off and starting from scratch works the best.

    1. Switching it all off. I wish we could all do that, but what I really thought about and the intention of the post was when it seems like a bomb went off when people fight. You know what I mean? When something happens and everyone is in conflict mode. We see it has volatile, I see it as the real truth coming out. The real foundations, if you would. After we resolve that, and it usually gets resolved whether we see it as positive or negative, the truth came out.

      Then once that works itself out we create a better foundation from which to live. I never shy away from conflict, I face it head on. Because I know that truth comes out of it.

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