April 4


God helps those who help themselves

Hello All

Today I start on my month on debunking some common myths or common mis-beliefs is a better way of putting it. I will not be exhaustive in my proofs (or disproofs) which is intentional to inspire discussion.

I thought I would spend this week on a few unbiblical statements that we all commonly quote and accept.
Well “God helps those who help themselves” is number one on the list for me.

Now, it is definitely not a true statement in itself, as from the bible we see many people who simply cannot help themselves, yet God steps in. Moses is a good example, I mean you have to admit, 80 YEARS it took him to discover what the Lord wanted him to do. Even then he had a list of reasons why God should not use him. Nevertheless, God helped him and the rest is history.

Saul thought he was helping God, yet after the Damascus experience, found himself at a loss. God HELPED him and the rest is history. We know him as Paul now.

Lot certainly never asked for help or made a move to help himself from impending doom coming his way. God helped him.

Me personally, about 13 years ago, I most certainly was a lost case with no hope of changing my life. God stepped in and I am here today a different person…… I know I am not giving to much detail, but I think you get the point.

So yes once God steps in you then do have your side to work on, what I am trying to get across here, is that its not the other way around as the saying would allude to.

It is not first try and get yourself together and then God will jump in and help you. In fact through history and personal experience it is proved to be the other way around. We cannot help ourselves, God steps in, and then we have solid ground to work from. And though God does help people who “help themselves” His help is not exclusive to that particular bunch of people.

BUSTED, my new name shall be the heavenly Mythbuster, watch this space for the new show on discovery ha ha ha.



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  1. Brother, you cannot be more correct. My dad always seems to use that line as justification for a rebuke of some kind. And as much as I tell him that its not in the bible to him its basically scripture.

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