June 26


Hollow head syndrome and some reduction….revisited…

“If a wise book hits a hollow head….its no fault of the book”.

I am not sure of the origin of the saying, but I agree.
I wrote about this already, but I felt it needed to be revisited.

Most of us are what we could call reductionists. I mean that very loosely to what the actual term describes.
Since most of us think about ourselves most often than any other person (come on you can be honest here)
This means we often interpret things that happen and apply the things in a way that applies to our situation or life season.

Its what I call hollow head syndrome.

To explain, many things come our way in life, and most of them are bigger than what we are at that moment. We mostly never see it because we so focused on what we are going through and experiencing that we miss the full lesson. The result????

We tend to circle around an area until we “get it”.

Our approach in that way would be to reduce whats happening to how it affects us. Right? Few people go onto the bigger reality that is happening at the time. We tend to be hollow heads when we refuse to acknowledge that something coming our way means we can approach it in order to shape us and help us. Regardless of where we are in life at that time.

We can allow the “wise book” to knock us over to teach us. Rather than challenging the “book” which is clearly older than we are. (just in case you wondering I am not specifically referring to the bible here)
I want people to realise that most things that happen, they do not happen to you. They happen, and you decide how this affects you or you decide if it shapes you. And for arguments sake let’s say the “wise book’ is a situation that is new to you.

I hope you get what I am saying here. Sometimes we do not realise the thing that is happening at the time that we are going through it, we simply reduce it to what we understand at the moment.

People do this all over. With scripture, in life, at work, in relationships….
We never give over to the largeness of the possible outcome.

Meaning that we mostly never embrace the possibility that we can be wrong and change our actions. We normally defend our position (mostly to our detriment).

Maybe, just maybe if we approach it properly we may just get it sooner than later.
I will leave you with one of my favourite sayings…..
“Never argue with an idiot…they drag you down to their level and proceed to beat you with experience.”

the Honest One


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