March 5


human rights

Hello all

Today I would like to look at human rights, although that I would like to point out that I am not really in favour of the human rights emphasis that is currently happening. Whaaaaat you ask? At least allow me to explain before you pull out the gun and shoot me for not approving of humans having rights.

I don’t think we should have rights as humans. I think we have privileges. I think that is a better term for what we have while we live on earth. I do not have a right to breathe air, it’s a privilege (and some people seem to simply rob others of air, ha ha ha) Its a privilege to work, its not a right. Its a privilege to have freedom, its not a human right. With freedom comes work, its not just given. Its not a right to live in a house, its a result of work and effort.

If you not willing to make an effort why should you be rewarded with free housing and power and so forth. Do you think I am being harsh?

Think about it. If we all have “rights” then who is supplying this to all. Since just because we human and alive do we have a right to all this? I know I am largely referencing this to South Africa, I do not really know how it is in other countries, but I am sure the principle applies globally. Human rights, breeds a sense of entitlement and seems to lean towards a handout mentality. We have forsaken the concepts of working towards what we would like to see and changed into simply expecting the government to sort out the problems.

But I realised if I have issues with how our country is run, then I should take a look in the mirror, because I voted them there. Secondly if I am not happy with anything I once again should realise that only I made decisions to get where I am now.

I sound like I am ranting here, but another thing that I do not understand is the way that criminals are given these same rights. For instance, simply try to send money overseas and see how much paperwork and proofs you, a law abiding citizen, has to go through. In other words they assume you are trying to do criminal things and you have to prove them different.

Yet when you are caught with criminal activity (lets say in embezzlement of money) then as soon as you are caught you are given rights. Please do not misunderstand me. I think all humans need respect and dignity. But rights you need to earn. When you start abusing the rights of others for your own benefit, well then I think you need to get less “rights”. If you want freedom, work for it. If you want a house, work at it. If you want power in your house, pay for it. You want toilets with walls, at least be willing to help. Human privileges rather than human rights, changes the expectation I think.

What do you think?



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