March 7



Today I would like to speak about something people almost never have privy to… Well, other people is a more precise description of what it is. No its not your identity document, even though I know my picture is scaaaarrrryyyyy.

Nope, today i want to talk about internal dialogue. Which I am certain is the singular reason for a lot of our trauma in our lives. What are we saying to ourselves?

I can only use my own personal experience, since here I know that i talk a lot to myself (internally of course). If I am not thinking good things about myself then outside I tend to be harsh. What I noticed also, is if I think little of myself, then i tend to think little of others too. And I am not trying to be all new agey and say that what you see inside determines what you will see on the outside. Maybe that is true.

But I do not have answers here, maybe I will open that to discussion here. What I do say is that what you think on the inside of yourself most certainly affects the outside.

I do not think we spend enough time on making our internal dialogue a healthy one. We spend far too much time trying to fix the external circumstances rather than deal with the source…….



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  1. Quite like your thoughts today. I believe in the importance of introspection and personal dialogue as it helps one to become whole and authentic. This personal wholeness and being the real you empowers you to live life with a greater sense of meaningfulness and true purpose. The failure of not being inward looking and lack of personal dialogue can lead to others exercising dominance over your life and you are constantly being led by others.

  2. I agree that positive thinking leads to positive living.

    Being a positive “thermostat” (through positive thinking) in a negative environment can change the environment also for the good.
    But you need to be very, very strong from the inside to prevent your thermostat to not burn out.

    You need fuel/resources/ backup…LOTS of positive thinking and LOTS of hope and faith for that negative things to change for the good.

    I have worked in a community now for three years. I have realised that most of their internal dialogue is negative. This leads to a huge feeling of APATHY…even if you are having lots of hope/ zeal/ a positive outlook on their situation. It was very disappointing, but that is life. If people do not change, their environment will not as well.


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