September 14


I need your input

In the last post I asked everyone to participate in a poll.

I admit now that it was not too clear since only 4 people clicked on it. Therefore I am devoting this post solely to the poll.

I have had my domain name for more than a year and its been collecting some dust, I did not want to move because…..well there are various reasons, but mainly because it is a pain to move everyone over and it does require that every subscriber has to resubscribe.

Therefore I ask the question to you, by doing the poll you will be doing me a great favour. I am not sure that you can do the poll via email, so you would have to go on the site to do this.

A few things that will change once I move a to a domain. Firstly the posts will not be fully displayed in the emails. You would have to go the page online from a link in the email.

Benefits for me moving, I will have more control over the look and happenings on the site. And it will have features that this one can never have…

WordPress users, well it won’t be so simple to follow (like just clicking follow)

[polldaddy poll=6526050]

Thank You

the Honest One


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  1. I don’t subscribe or not subscribe based on the blog host site. That decision is made fully on content and enjoyment.

    I have my own domain and my wonderful systir designed it. It is WordPress behind the scenes, but she had near full control over appearance and features. And no one else has the same theme, it’s very personal.

    1. Hi

      I am also the same way with regards to subscribing, but some of the people I know read the blog, tend to not be too technical or only use their phones to read it, and I would like to accommodate where possible.

      I guess I should just get over just get over it and make the move hey

  2. Venturing into deep waters? You will have to spend a lot more time developing your site, but it will be rewarding. Enjoy! Hope to see the new look soon.

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