June 6



We live in a corporate world today. I think we accept it that way. Even churches have gone that way. We actually hope it moves that way. Businesses definitely strive for it, and personally most churches seem to want it as well.
It provides a certain level of dignity to it. It s the pinnacle of capitalism, the corporate world. When i say corporate I mean the structures used in big business. The “professional” Management, Directors and Board members.

If you look really closely, and I mean really closely, you will see something not many people see.
Corporate = Separation = Distance. Do you believe me?

Let me prove it to you. If you work in a company that has a CEO, when last have you sat down with him/her and just ate lunch for no other reason than just lunch. Do you act the same as you would around everyone else when you sit with your manager?
When you speak to a director to you talk normally? You do not. Because somehow they are not the same as you. Look obviously if you are the manager and CEO or director then this should be flipped around for you. DO you as the top end of the structure allow people to be themselves around you?

The more a business depends on these structures to exist the greater separation it allows between its employees.
For one CEO’s do not park near the normal employees and therefore there is very little chance of even connecting on the off chance that they work at the same times. So you might say so what, it is that way.

I do not doubt that it is that way, I just have very little respect for the way it is. If you run a company (or whatever) you provide a function and thats it. It does not inflate your level of importance. Everyone plays a function in whatever the company sets out to do. Therefore as a human you have no less significance as the next one.

I think the problem arises in that most of us link who we are with what we do. Nothing could be further from the truth. Example : Sir Isaac Newton failed more times than he succeeded, does that make him a failure? No it does not, because within him was the will to succeed and that overcame the failure on the outside.

I promise you that you are who you are, you are not defined by what you do. Until you get that, you will simply never understand what I spoke about earlier.

Anyway, what I wanted to get at is, we have this corporate world and we seem to accept it as the norm. What we miss is identification. You know what I mean?

People at the top identifying themselves as one with the “lower”. Letting people actively know that they are the same as them. We are all connected in someway or another. Neither one is more important than the other. It may feel that way, but in reality there are no more important people than others. Please I beg of you to take that to heart. Absolutely nothing makes someone more important than you other than you.
We are “allowed” to think that there is something wrong with us. There is nothing worse to me than knowing that something is wrong and the management of a company do anything to avoid it coming out. In my case what I mean is that I know certain things are wrong, yet when i approach it I get told about the company’s policies and so forth. I am well aware of the policies, but what I want to see is acknowledgement. And in my experience even if there are stipulations given by the top, they do allow for you to make it your own. Therefore I think the system and its policies are sometimes just used to cover a lazy person’s tracks.

At least acknowledge that sometimes the system sucks. So managers, CEO’s, directors if you are out there reading this. At least acknowledge the failures of the system, it numbers you as one with the people and I promise you, you might even get more out of your staff. Going the other way of chucking the levels at people simply insults their intelligence and ultimately will not provide the outcomes you want.

If you are not interested in me as a person and only care about what I can do for your company, why should I care about your company?



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  1. Amen!! policies and procedures in our company r simply smoke screens they get bended and warped in which ever way to suite top management, resulting in major issues easily avoidable… with a very strong theme song of PROCRASTINATION, its infuriating!!

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