May 5



We are getting “stupider” by the day…..

Its commonly believed that we are getting more intelligent as we progress and technology improves. It would make sense hey, since we do more with less effort every year. We achieve greater efficiency almost monthly.

We find ways to get there faster and faster.

But I do not think we are getting more intelligent. When I was at primary school (not so long ago) we worked out math problems by hand and manually. We did long division and so forth. I just don’t do that anymore. And why should I? I have a calculator on my phone.

Think about it. The people who never had computers, they still did what they did. With much less resources. If we are supposed to be civilised and ancient man primitive, how did they build what they built?

The Israelites made a cow from gold. How did they do that? If I take my own industry, the theory of sound and its behaviour was discovered years before the technology existed to be able to do what we do today. The people who wrote about that never had computers to do the work. All the math, science was in their heads and abilities.

The great works of art are in history from many centuries ago. I can go on and on, but I want to bring our attention to this……

L.C.D. the Lowest Common Denominator. (you remember that from primary school mathematics???).

You will find this everywhere these days. We have it at work, in life, at church, social groups, ad campaigns, etc….

So what do I mean? Well look at it. When we address a crowd, we cater for the lowest denominator. We shoot for the weakest level of understanding. This allows for everyone to “get it”. And they do, but have we ever asked ourselves if maybe, this in itself causes the ones who can think to stop thinking?

If people in the past with far less technology and resources, still did what they did. Where do we fit now? We do far less with more…

Is it because we cater for the lowest common denominator. Why do we not set the bar higher and help lift the people to a higher way?

When we preach a sermon, why do we not shoot it higher and not explain so much? Jesus did it that way. Don’t believe me. Go look for yourself. He never made it easy for the people. And hardly stayed around to explain His point of view. Sure if asked He would explain, but Jesus never spoon fed.

Because when you spoon feed……………….you get babies. And babies do not need to think for themselves do they?

Maybe we should expect more of each other, instead of dumbing down things to make it more accessible.



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