June 29


laws and freedoms

I heard on the radio yesterday, that our government was in the process of banning trans fatty acids. This in turn would put some products out of the market, since it cannot be made without trans fatty acids in them.

Okay I do see what they trying to do. And it will no doubt help people eat healthier in the end. But I got to thinking…..

Do we really have that choice to be healthy or not? Yes we cannot choose bad food if it is not there to choose, but what do we give up in the process. Also, what is the limit to this? Are we simply going to ban everything that is bad for us?

Even our bodies need a certain amount of bacteria to fight with in order to be considered healthy. I guess what I am asking is, what is better?

Removing the dangerous food? Or educating people on what is good for them and they make their own decision….

We do this in a lot of areas of our lives. Rather than teaching people how to handle freedom properly, we simply remove the “deception” from the equation. We now do not have the ability to be deceived right????

I do not think its quite so simple. With freedom needs, comes the need to have the ability to be deceived. How else will we ever learn new stuff? If we simply ban all bad stuff, how will we ever know what they are?



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  1. It’s about control. Don’t empower people to choose but limit their options of choices available. It’s the classic approach of you can make the choice but you can only choose from this. Where is the freedom to choose then? It’s an illusion, it’s control.

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