January 23


Here we go….

2013 is here and more importantly, we are still here (the Mayans pulled a good prank on everyone hey)

Have you ever used gloves that are too small? Have you ever used gloves that are just right? Have you ever used gloves that are too big?


I am sure you will agree the proper fitting gloves are the best to work with, since they complement the actions you would need to continue to do while wearing the gloves.

Wearing gloves that are too small for you hinders the ability to do what you need to do and at the same time it drastically hinders growth.

Our companies we work for or own are sometimes like that hey, like gloves I mean. The company culture provides an environment which will either help or hinder the work itself. In this sense one could compare it to the glove scenario.
My question to you is, what type of place do you find yourself in now? Is the glove too small, does the place you at in life, hinder you from doing what you need to or does it help you?
Admin can often really bog things down, and its very similar to a glove that is too small. The work must be done, but due to tracking and auditing reasons, everything is a process so complex one wonders why you bother.

I have however discovered that even a right fitting glove is not the best thing either. It leads to a comfort zone in life. Everything fits and works perfectly…….in other words very little growth happens. I understand that one needs to apply context here. Because in a husband wife relationship, maybe there you want the perfect fit.

I still think we should always opt for the slightly bigger option though. It will stretch you and focus you. And more importantly you will need help……

As we are still in the beginning of 2013, I ask you what type of glove situation do you have? I don’t just mean where you work, I mean in life. Are you a comfort seeker? Are you always looking to grow? Or are you one of those that create the “gloves too tight” situations?



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