July 20


Miss me????

I have always wondered why on earth people ask me that question. “Did you miss me?” or “Do you miss me?”

How will that answer to the question not end up with the asker getting hurt?

What possible reason would anyone ask that? Is it because you need to feel okay? My theory is that it has nothing to do with me at all. It’s got to do with the missee (yes that’s right I made up a word)

What they really asking is, “am I important to you?” And its an unfair question to ask, don’t you think?
Firstly I am not in the habit of responding with a yes and if you are asking to find out if you are important to me…….well. I should cover your bill for the first visit to the shrink (there will be more hey).
On second thought, this might bankrupt me. Rather, I suggest you see one. (I know a few so I can recommend…….)

But I do have some straight talk to you if you are one of those….

Good advice hey, stop looking and start being. Let them miss you organically. Its so much better when it is said spontaneously.

That’s it for today.

the Honest One


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  1. I agree with this completely. I usually don’t know what to say. Do I miss you, or do I miss them. I don’t know. I just kinda live. I am content with the people I see and spend time with.

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