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No is a word people often associate with a negative feeling. We hear it a lot as we grow up and normally it is told to us when we are doing something we should not be doing or saying…..Right?

We therefore almost get trained to associate it with bad stuff. I think however that it is one of the most powerful tools and a divider in life.

If you watch and take note how people treat the word (or person saying it) it will tell you volumes about the person’s character and values.

Learning to respect a no is quite a challenge in life. Especially in a world that rarely uses it or wants it.
People I often come across want what they want and have no regard for what the cost of it is.
I find that most often people that do not accept a no, tend to be the people who are in positions of authority. In my case normally business owners, directors, pastors, pastor’s wives…… I just don’t understand why though. When someone says no, they are not always saying it because they don’t want to. I think people who always say yes have a massive problem…..What do you think?

Never saying no means someone is paying the cost for something and it will most likely be the one who never says no…

I also seem to run in people who are in the authority positions tend to have a mentality of “make it happen” and not really caring if you say no. They will just move to someone who says yes. By doing that they have done themselves a great disservice and you should most likely remove yourself from the equation. I assure you they will never respect you until they learn that there are somethings that cannot be changed….
Okay so you all know I work in sound. I get the weirdest requests. Like its too loud in the front but when I get to the back of the venue its the right level. Logic would tell an average person to NOT SIT IN FRONT THEN…..but because they are the leader or manager or CEO, suddenly I am the one that can make the laws of physics bend simply because they want it done.
I am not saying it cannot be done, it can with a lot of time money and effort. But normally at that time they have the cheapest possible sound system with the worst possible management system and then the request (demand) is made to control it. I then stand there dumbfounded as to what to say. Do I consider the one person’ request to overrule the best for the larger crowd? We all know the answer to that one hey.

Anyway, the word NO is not very well received these days, but I think it is needed and it needs to be respected accordingly….

the Honest One


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  1. Dear theHonestOne,

    You not pulling/holding back any punches today. This writing is in a more in a direction that I am familiar with.

    On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 1:45 PM, theHonestOne

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