May 25


Our concept of beauty

What do we as a culture consider beautiful? If you did a quick glance it would be the blonde haired, fair skinned (maybe slightly tanned) and blue eyes.
So maybe that is not what everyone considers, but it certainly is the majority opinion at least looking from what they punt in magazines and television.

What if I told you that if every person looked like that, the human race would most likely disappear. Guess why….
Okay, guess again… Still no idea?

Its to do with genetics. And I warn you, my entire knowledge of this subject is scary. So I will not go in depth simply because I do not know it in depth. Blue eyes, fair skinned, blonde hair are the weakest genes of the lot. And we seem to place it up there.
Strange…. seems to me that we have it backwards.

Let me explain as best I can. Every single cell we have has the ability to do everything our body needs. But lets say the cell in our arm for example, it does not need to function like a brain cell therefore those functions are simply turned off. But the capability still exists for all functions.

Anyway, back to the point. If one works backwards then blue eyes can develop from brown eyes, but not the other way. Because blue eyes are the recessive gene type (meaning the weakest one on the outskirts) And to have blue eyes somewhere in the history there would have to be brown eyes (the stronger gene type). Likewise with skin colour. You will notice I am alluding to something here.

White people actually come from coloured people, rather than the other way around. Ha ha ha. Anyway, going back to the beginning, Adam would of had to be smack in the middle (olive skinned) brown eyes and black (brown) hair in order for all races to develop from him. Thats it coloured people rule……ha ha ha. Now we shall take over the world. Just kidding (but on a side note, if all the people start mixing races, soon all the world will be coloured)

My point you ask? Just simply that what we place emphasis on is not always the real strength. We focus mostly on what is shoved down our throats, and its so subtle. What is physical beauty to you? What defines it for you?

We don’t see the genetic level , because our physical eyes are not capable of seeing there. And its much like life. The real strength and worth of people are on the inside, not so easily seen with the naked eye…..

Maybe our eyes need to start seeing further than what is…….



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