March 3



Hello All

This one is rather late this week. Well it will be a short one anyway.

A while ago I watched a really crass stand up comedian, well to be honest only could get through the first 5 mins which was already littered with so many profanities I could not even count. But he said one thing I agree with. He was having a conversation with a woman and she was saying that he makes her feel bad about herself.

He then proceeds to lose it a bit, but gets his senses back and explains to her that how can she be so ridiculous. Its called SELF ESTEEM, so how can he make her feel anything about herself.

Okay, okay I could of picked a better example, but its still true. No one can make you feel anything, you decide that.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent… Eleanor Roosevelt.

I often hear people say you make me feel this way…. No they don’t you make you feel that way. How you feel has got everything to do with how you see yourself. So as to what P.R. stands for, its Personal Responsibility.
Just remember that as you walk out today, no one other than you is responsible for how you feel…



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  1. I agree! Others can “make” you feel a certain way initially, but it is your decision whether to accept that “comment” on who you are, or to reject it. If someone makes you feel a certain way, it may be best to examine why, and whether there is a fear or insecurity within you that causes you to have that reaction. Ultimately, you need to go to God and ask whether that “comment” is valid and He wants to change something within you, or whether it is not, and you need to reject it. Be open and teachable, but know who you are in Christ and don’t accept any condemnation. (I’m talking to myself here, by the way ;-))

    1. Carmen I don’t see your status updates, since according to facebook, we are not friends. Please accept the friend request then I will see your updates

  2. Its just that some people with years of experience, know how to get to your darker side, which we all have, and then use that to belittle, degrade and make you feel like a damn fool. We need to watch out for these people. They aften have major issues of their own and so they ‘act out’ by pulling others down. They are terrified of being miserable on on their own.

  3. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent… Eleanor Roosevelt. GREAT & TRUE quote.

    Yes. If your identity is strong and if you see youself how Christ sees you, then will be strong against critisism and rejection from people. This is a tough one, yes. I fully agree. P.R. We have the responsibility to look after ourselves and to see ourselves through God’s eyes.

    When people hurt us and reject us, we also need other people who accept and love us, to give us affirmation.


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