November 10



“There is no such thing as a perfect church”

“There is no such thing as the perfect person”

“There is no such thing as the perfect job”

“There is no such thing as the perfect …..”

Those are phrases we hear all the time. At least I hear them. And it always makes me wonder, if this is the the truth or has this particular person just settled……

True perfection, as in no faults, I will concede does not exist here, but a perfect job? I think that exists, a perfect person to share your life with, I think that exists. “For you” is what I mean.

Someone who is good for me (perfect). A job that is good and right for me I consider perfect for me.

I think what I am getting at here is that we often settle in life because we believe that perfection does not exist out there, therefore we settle for the less than good one (of whatever).

That does not mean that the current person or thing is intrinsically bad, just bad for you.

I could be wrong, but I really think that that type of perfection does exist. And I get that true happiness is from within, but at the same time do we just accept that everything around us just is…..

Any thoughts?



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  1. If there is such a thing as absolute happiness, then there is such a thing as perfection. But it is perfection that is subjective, not objective, which is why it cannot be passed on. How many people have testified that the ‘whole world became beautiful’ after their conversion? And so perfection, I suspect, is in the eye of the beholder, but limited to those whose eyesight has been transformed by the Perfect One. I think it is dangerous to see perfection as ‘somewhere out there.’ Beholding perfection has to do with the secret of contentment, in other words. It comes from within, not without.

  2. Absolutely agree!!! I don’t think there is a “perfect” anything in this world. Hearing that phrase…”I’m looking for the perfect man” from numerous female friends makes my blood boil to a degree that I might just turn into the Incredible Hulk!
    Everybody has a unique perception of their “perfect”, just like everybody see colour differently, which really boils down to individual happiness. Anyone who is content on being “average” regarding love, lifestyle, business has to be said they lack motivation to push themselves out of their comfort zone and really go for what makes them happy, to go for what makes their world “perfect”.
    Human beings have the natural ability, or should I say instinct, to protect themselves from any danger, the unknown (fear), and some will pursue their lives to the end of time without questioning “what if” because they were comfortable with “average” and not pushing for their “perfect”. I believe we are perfect if we found the job that fits 100%, found the love that complements us 100% etc but not perfect as an individual, as in “no faults”!

  3. I agree and disagree. I think that perfection is a person, Jesus Christ. And that only in him can anything be absolutely perfect. Making perfection a subjective experience is downgrading perfection to something experienced by that which is imperfect, man. I do not think we know enough about perfection to assume that we are experiencing it in any moment, whether perfect church, a perfect spouse, etc. The only thing that has ever been perfect on this Earth has been Adam and His relationship with the Lord before the fall, and then Christ and His relationship with His Father. And at the moment, the only thing with any form of absolute perfection is the Church, Christs bride, for she resembles him. But even she is still being perfected.

    On the other hand I understand what you mean with something that is subjectively “perfect” for each individual. The “perfect fit” so to speak. I agree that different things can be “right,” “good,” or “perfect” for some. Like the right job, the best wife, and so forth. But I think that the use of the word “perfect” in that context is “the perfect fit for me” and is a figure of speech more than an actual reference to absolute perfection. Maybe when we use that term we simply mean “this is the closest to perfection that I have ever experienced… “

    1. I think that all people don’t think like you described here. Not everyone thinks in reference to Jesus Christ. Perfection as an absolute, is not something anyone knows on earth. If they say they do, they are deluded. I agree Jesus is the embodiment of perfection, but that is not what I am approaching in the post.

      What I was trying to get at in the post was exactly the perfect fit for that particular person. Even our relationship with Jesus is subjective experience. Not all people will understand that and this in turn makes it subjective. Its just something we humans have to accept.

      We are extremely subjective beings. This is our dilemma in that we never work together because we think in terms of right and wrong. If that were so simple, who’s right and wrong are right and wrong?

      For this reason I think perfection exists for us as a subjective experience… 🙂

  4. True perfection only exists in God and I am almost absolutely certain that He would say it doesn’t exist at all. I think what people miss understand all the time is that sometimes perfection has flaws. What is perfect for me, may not be perfect for you and vise versa. Everything is as we perceive it to be so if you think it’s perfect than it is. If you think it is imperfect, then you may spend the rest of your life picking apart the flaws.

    1. I agree that true perfection is only found in God, but we cannot see that from our perspective. Since we are subject to whatever bias we have. We can only see something as a perfect fit for us. Absolute perfection exists, just not here

  5. I think we do settle for “good enough”, but also that there isn’t anything inherently wrong with that as long as “good enough” is a stepping stone to “perfect for me” if that makes any sense. There is no perfection in humanity. But there is peace, kindness, joy and authenticity. The situation that brings the best of those things out in a person, and a partner who does the same; I think that’s as close to perfect as we can get.

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