June 1



Starting up something where there is no blueprint to follow is hard. Yet requires a certain level of genius and creativity. These days its hard to do something that has never been done at all. Everybody has the been there done that bought the t shirt attitude. Yet that does not stop a certain bunch of people to push boudaries and the limits.

Have you heard of a company called R.I.M.?

You have but their products are not really known by that name. R.I.M. (research in motion) are responsible for the blackberry. And years ago they introduced the world to email in a portable way. And you may say, so what all phones can pretty much do that. Yes most phones are capable of push email today, but at the time it was revolutionary and it changed the industry.

I read an article the other day how the joint C.E.O’s of R.I.M. are under pressure from investors at the moment. Because they have not come up with a competent response to the Iphone and most of the google android phones. They are pressured to come up with something as the communication world has accepted and moved, yet the blackberry has not seemed to keep up.

Valid points, but I was thinking, would the Iphones and the others even be here if there was no blackberry to pave the way? It seems we are very forgetful about the foundations and quickly lookup to see where we can go without acknowledging what has been done so far.

I am not saying that the R.I.M. guys should sit on their hands and just be thankful they had a part in the industry. What I am saying is that there needs to be acknowledgement of their pioneering efforts. Without which the concept of push email to a phone might not have been done.

Christianity seems to have gone the same way. We have forgotten who has paved the way before us. The foundation of what we live on now was paved by those who have gone before. Instead of looking at what’s next all the time sometimes we need to acknowledge what has gone into where we are now and through whose sacrifice that was made possible.

So I give a salute to the Blackberry people (I still use a blackberry). Simply for pioneering the era we find ourselves in. I certainly hope that they find their way in the current trends.

As for the christians. I hope we learn to acknowledge what has been done before. But also not be afraid to pioneer things and go places no one has before.



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