January 15



Are you caught in S.I.N.?

Well its not what you think I am asking, but let me explain by dividing people into 2 categories

H.M.ers and I.T.ers

Now before I describe this let me say that in all people will generally have a bit of both in their lives at any given time. What I am referring to is the the ones who display more of the one than the other in most areas.

H.M. ers (Herd Mentality ers)

I think is almost self explanatory. But this is how humans act when they are in large groups without necessarily having reasons to. I will expand later.

I.T. ers (Independent Thinkers)

These are people that think separately to the “herd” often seen as outcasts in the beginning. But they think for themselves.

S.I.N. (Strength In Numbers)
Ha ha ha, (you never thought that is what it meant hey). Needless to say this is the fuel for the strength of the H.M.ers and generally because thats what everyone is doing and because there are so many, they can’t be wrong, can they?

It is my belief that many people simply do not think further than their nose about many things which is a terrible way to live. I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of money that companies spend on studying the “masses” in order to profit from herd mentality behaviour . Well they most certainly do not want you to think for yourself, they want you to believe whatever they say.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, this world runs largely on marketing(more specifically people are influenced by it) and the fact that many people are willing to follow without the necessary checks and balances.

Anyway I am ranting, back to S.I.N. History shows us that the masses can and on most occasions will be very wrong. And the individual standing against the current was on most occasions very very correct.

As they say all truth is first ridiculed, openly opposed then accepted as self evident.

A few examples of Independent thinkers, Martin Luther (would you have believed him if you were there at the time) I am sure not one person today, would even question whether he was speaking the truth. Jesus Himself was not accepted at the time that He walked the earth and paid for it with His life.

Is Warren Buffet a good investor because he follows the crowd?
Did Martin Luther King accept what was dished to him by life?
Did Nelson Mandela sit quietly while his people were suffering?
Did Gandhi roll over and do nothing?
Will you accept everything that is?

True strength is found on the inside and not in S.I.N.
Do not be part of the mob, they will ultimately lead to you going the wrong way.

Use I.T.


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