August 7


Settle down?

“Thomas. Why don’t you let it go….this light bulb thing or whatever you call it. No one will think less of you if you don’t get it right”

“Galileo…..Really now, why would you go on about the earth being round. Just settle down about that and all the people will think you are great….”

“Jesus, you have done many miracles and have a great following, why not let this Messiah thing drop and then you can settle down and get on with life……”

“Steve, stop faffing around with that computer….what you call it? Apple Mac, rubbish, it will never make it….”

“Bob, why tinker about with music thing, there is no real future in that is there now, just wait and see…..”

I was asked by someone the other day, “When will you settle down?” not as in get married, but as in stop fighting for stuff and just let it go.
Now firstly I love a challenge or a fight (mental and debate kind). But settling down is not my nature, in fact it is like a virus to me, foreign matter in my being.

Which made me think, and no I do not have delusions of grandeur by naming some of the greats above. But it made me think, that sometimes we need to listen to that itching and annoying voice in our head. And fight for change, or a change in thinking, or a different approach.

I for one do not think that any human is born specifically for mediocrity……oh no, that gets stamped into us, or simply allowed. I think it comes from silencing the voice inside, from listening to others (who also thrive on not doing anything). Because like misery, mediocrity loves company.

I think as humans we tend to not want change, and we try and reason others who want it down to our way of life.

Personally I would say that fundamentally the desire to do stuff and change the world is in our DNA, we just mask it and mute it with the mundane every day grind.

Think about what life would have been like if the above named people gave over to the mediocre and went with what people said????

The only piece of advice I can give is, STOP LISTENING TO THAT PEOPLE THAT TRY TO MAKE YOU LIKE THEM…. you are not them you are you. And you are born to change something or someone here. Please go ahead and do that…….

the Honest One


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  1. Amen 🙂 This makes me think of a conversation I had in class last semester about the ‘tragedy’ of congenital disability. A woman in my class seems to think that people with different ways and means of learning can’t make any measurable contribution to society, and can – at best – work their way up to mediocrity. So, of course, I had to bring up Stephen Hawking. HAD to. Could you imagine if we had lost is amazing mind to repetitive football concussions? Or a skydiving accident? Or a rollover brought about by talking on his cell phone while driving his SUV on his way into class? None of us are meant for mediocrity. Well said, Honest One.

  2. Excellent post! I agree with you completely. If only we will allow that which the Lord has put within us to come out. If only we would express the nature He has deposited within. Then we will truly live. To me, Mediocrity is worse that death!

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