February 15



I am not sure if most people watched this movie. If not, please do, its a really good one even though I know people are not into Adam Sandler movies. But I assure you its not one of his normal ones.

Anyway, basic plot of the movie is this well to do family need help. So they hire a woman who only really speaks spanish and this woman’s daughter gets to stay with her. Long story made short, the little girl gets to experience a life she never would of seen in normal days.

The little girl gets good clothes goes to a good school and basically loves every minute of it. For reasons I won’t go into now ( as I do not want to spoil the movie for you if you do plan on watching it ) the woman leaves and takes her daughter with her.

This is what I would like to focus on here today. As they leave the daughter writes the father of the house a touching letter as the father had grown really fond of her and the mother.
In the letter she thanks him (Adam) for every opportunity and really expresses her gratitude for all given to her. But she “will always and forever be ‘her mother’s daughter’ ”

And just here is where I want to stop and really ask ourselves. You see I always believed that it is really important to know who you belong to, who defines you.

If you don’t know that you will look for every opportunity in everything. I mean look at this little girl, walking away from what was clearly a “better life” for her.
Because she knew whose she was. Therefore it was easy to realise who knew best for her.

I for one could learn a lot from that hey. How about you?


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