October 7


Steve Jobs R.I.P.

I found this words on a comment on youtube. I am not sure if this person came up with it, but I thought it was very good and funny.

Three Apples changed the world

1.Adam’s Apple

2.Newton’s Apple

3.Steve’s Apple

R.I.P Steve

I really did not plan on posting something about Steve Jobs, but I really respect this man’s work and vision he gave to the world. Just paying my respect to one of our times legends and really a thought and life leader. Still though I never knew him personally, it feels like a loss. Knowing Steve Jobs was out there, left the possibility for something we had never seen or thought of to come to life.

So this is my shout out to Steve Jobs.

And for the week I will run the blog on the theme of where it all started…

Here is a speech which I think shows the Guy’s pure genius

Oh and before I leave, here is another tweet flying around, “10 years ago we had STeve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash, now er have no jobs, no hope and no cash….”

Could not resist putting this one in here



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  1. I have a newly found respect for his spirit of entrepreneurism even if I don’t agree with his business practices, and respect his product even if I know that it was not made for people like me.

    Without him, the things I do as hobbies would be considered socially inappropriate instead of just a little strange. 😉

  2. The simple version is, I’m a documented Apple hater, but I have music in iTunes store and know that a lot of people would not understand computer music if it was not for Jobs’ ability to sell computer gear on the masses.

  3. I used to be a windows hater, but since I trade forex I have had to force myself to be a windows friendly person. Now I just use whatever works for the application.

    When working with recording stuff I stick to mac and trading I am on windows.

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