July 14



I was walking around a mall the other day and noticed quite a few clothing stores. I remember thinking to myself, I wonder how they survive? I am one of those rare people that does little to no clothing shopping. I would have to break something before I consider purchasing shoes or clothing.

Another thing if you run into me on a normal day is, my answer to “How are you?” goes something like this “I am still alive”.
Which can be taken in many ways, in most case the bottom line of I am here, what else counts? Or I am alive and kicking and taking everything head on.

I will leave you to guess which one I am projecting.

If I look back at life, through all the choices and career paths, realtionships. It is clear that I am a survivalist. I can claw my way out of anything.


The fact that I am still around after it all, proves that. I can be very resourceful and will turn everything around eventually. This is an achievement for a pessimist lol.

My concern is that maybe I have become so used to fighting and struggling in life that I miss some things because they too easy.

The clothing store cannot be a survivalist, since they are simply an option in an array of options. They are then thrown in the scale of priority to consumers, since if most people had to choose between food and clothing, the answer is simple right. I cannot live without food, so food it is, if I had to choose.

I heard a woman say the other day (at a party) I had to buy the top I have on now, because “I had nothing to wear”.

Mmmmmm, I am sure she had a cupboard full of clothing. I think this is why clothing stores are still here. Women…… ha ha ha, maybe, but that is not what I was getting at.

I think the stores have an abundance mentality. Sure you have clothes, but why not more? Why focus only on what you need?
There are shoes that are R2000 a pair. Do we “need” that? Nope, but we buy it because we can and we like it.

I also forget sometimes that it takes all kinds to make the world around. After all we are not all the same. And for the clothing stores they should praise the Lord for that, because if they were all like me, they would have to close the doors very soon.

But getting back to what I was searching and looking into. Is maybe there is another phase one needs to get to.



I do not mean this in a new age (the secret) way. I mean simply meaning that life is not always a struggle and a fight. I think its a good trait to have though. The willingness to fight and win. But not all things in life need to be tackled and struggled with.

You trying to set a website up and its taken you months to get it going……why not just hire a professional and let it be their problem and you can get on with other things.

We want to save a buck, and we try and do all the things ourselves, then we have to deal with overwhelm. Who has time for that?



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