February 19


Surviving the entertainment business

It takes quite a bit to survive the entertainment business. And I mean running the technical stuff in the entertainment world.

It’s not a normal environment. Often people hear us technical people talk about the pressure and the stress in the event industry.
They always ask me, “But how is it different?” or “What exactly are you going on about, what pressure you talking about?”

Its an unusual type of pressure I admit, one not many people can handle. I am sure all of us know what unrealistic expectations are…… Right?
Now multiply that by 1000 (or the amount of people in the audience) and add some management (in the churches, add the Pastor’s wife) and a few old people. And then come back to me about unrealistic expectations.

Having done sound a few years, I can tell you, even though I am competent behind the sound desk, There is a vast world of unexplained anomalies that happen. Also, once the sound leaves the speakers and hit your ears, well there is little I can do about what you hear. By this I mean your perspective on the mix and perception of volume. Right?

Anyway I am diverting from what I started with.


That is often the look people would have if they are under serious pressure. And that is often the case when one runs shows. Everything sits on your shoulders.

But as in life, things go wrong……sometimes horribly wrong hey. And what I have learnt over time. Is when the paw paw hits the fan……well it of little use to panic. The problem will exist whether I am stressing or not. It most likely won’t just disappear by thinking about it.

It is a good way to approach it, since a level head helps solve the problem.

It is something we should all live out in life. When things go pear shaped……. Chill, think, analyse, then solve…..

Don’t Panic



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