February 18



We have come to the end of the week and my last post for the week. I thought I would keep the best for last. Well my best thoughts about life at least, is what I mean.

You know the saying “at the end of our life, who will wish that they spent more time at the office, or more time doing projects,etc.”

Today T.T.T (Take The Time) We live such busy lives doing whatever, and simply trying to meet up with someone is sometimes impossible. We all declare “we don’t have time” But time itself is our greatest commodity. When you really think about it, time is all we really have. We do however get to decide how we spend it or invest it. As the week comes to an end, I have focussed on relationships this week, therefore when we look at what is really important in life we will realise that its our relationships with people that count.

I won’t speak for all, but for some thats the last thing we tend to think about. We spend more time trying to build things than build real relationships. Take the time, because you can, and spend it with the ones who are the real value to you.

You don’t have to wait till the end of your life to have this as a regret. I know I know, people will say, but I have to do this and this and that, I have car payments, I have a bond. And if you do please pay them. But they are not an excuse to not spend time with your children, with friends, family,etc. You decided to take the car and the bigger house, you don’t have to have the things. All I am asking is, are we spending the time wisely, and we do have a choice with our time and WE DO HAVE TIME….

Remember. Happiness is a good result from good choices, rather than a reason to make decisions. Have good weekend. Next week back to normal. It will once again be “Not so Daily”



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  1. Yep, THO. Take the time. I fully agree. MAKE quality time. It is a “love language.”

    Prioritising your life is extremely important.

    FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS are at the top om my triangle of priorities.


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