June 20


take a drink

By now anyone who knows me even a little bit, knows that I am a Jason Upton fan through and through.

There is a song he wrote that is called the shadow of His wings. The first few words of the song is what spoke to me though. It goes “I get so thirsty trying to find Your presence, I forget to stop and take a drink….”you click here to watch a piece of it. (it will chow bandwidth hey)

I have listened to that song many times, but i think last week it really spoke something to me.

How often I get into the race of finding God and truth in life. Its pretty much what I seek at all times. Its just every now and again I forget to stop and simply enjoy the reality of His presence.

Sometimes I get caught up in the fight, and it is necessary to fight, but forget to “take a drink” from the fountain for myself.

We get so caught up in the business of life and really don’t enjoy life itself. It really made me think last week, why do I do what i do and for what?

Or should I say for Who? So my question today is do you stop to take a drink?

I am sure we all know the procedure, should and airplane lose cabin pressure, your first action should be to get the air supply to yourself first. It seems selfish, but a person who is gasping for air himself is of no help to the one next to him.

Likewise how can we really help anyone if we in need of the same sustenance ourselves?



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  1. Very good my brother. You are right. What is the point of truth and wisdom if we don’t apply it ourselves. I trust that we will all become better at that. Especially in our relationship with God. Bless you boet. D

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