June 20


The Bedrock of Life…

Whatever you believe to to be true is true…..right?

To a certain extent I can agree with that.
We all live what we believe, and whether we like it or not its pretty much what rules us. It is the reason I call it the bedrock of life. It is what rules us and where we live from.

Now you could say that I am wrong, but think about it. Let’s for argument sake say that a girl tells a guy that
she loves him and he is the only one for him,
but the very next week she is out flirting with any guy she can find..

What she is saying with her mouth is really not what she believes. She may want to believe it, but she really is still looking.

What I noticed over time is that people say manyt things, but ultimately they will act what they truly believe.

Jumping back to the start of this post, let’s explore the “whatever I believe to be true”

I suppose what I mean is that whatever you believe to be true will be your reality that you live in. In that sense its your truth, because you validate
it by your actions.

But is it really true?

Do you really believe? Are you trapped in a circumstantial approach to life?

How do we escape this dilemma?

Well the only way is to be true to who you are…. No matter what the cost and live from the inside out…



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