July 4


The Christian Walk

I have often wondered why we call it the Christian walk.

Have you ever wondered? There are many means of transport (even in the bible days). Yet the scripture says “walk in the Spirit”. I mean there were camels to ride on, horses, running, chariots. Today we have airplanes, bicycles, cars,etc…..

So why walking?????

I think walking inflicts the least amount of damage on our bodies and on each other in the case of accidents. Have you ever thought about that. Walk into someone by mistake and not much harm done. Run into someone and we stand a chance of more damage. Ride over someone while on a horse and some permanent damage might occur. Drive into someone and its almost certain that death is on the cards. Fly into someone and you will send them to the afterlife.

I guess when one looks at it this way, I don’t need to wonder why the term “walk with God” is used.


We live in a world today where everything we want, we want now…. In fact if we could have it yesterday even better.

Yet ever since the beginning of time we have not managed to secure for ourselves a quick way to God. A way to bypass pain and trauma and have a simple easy way to get close to God.

No, we have to walk, and walking takes time. It was not so frustrating when there was no other way, but that is not where we find ourselves today is it?

We have many other forms to compete against. New Ager’s with there instant answers. Evolutionists with all their theories, materialists with all their evidence. And then there is us….. Christians who always seem to have it wrong and fighting each other.

The answer is not to fight and try and correct the world out there, its to slow it down and walk…..
find His peace……
one step…..
two step…….
its ok you only walking…..
get up….walk again…….



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  1. and we get the best experience……….everything else limits what we see because we going so fast…. we see, hear, learn, feel a lot more

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