August 8


The elephant in the room….

I am sure most people know the story. But in case you don’t…There once was a king who asked four blind men to explain to him what an elephant is like. Each of the men went and grabbed a part of the elephant. The first one shouted that an elephant is like a tree trunk (he had grabbed onto the leg), the second said the elephant is like a rope (he clearly had grabbed onto the tail). The third man shouted that the elephant is like a air cooling fan (he had grabbed onto the ear). The fourth man declared that the elephant is like a pole (he had grabbed the tusk).

There are many versions of that story some with more men in it, but I think you get the point. Its not that each man got it wrong, its that they never put it all together, since they all had the same handicap.

As humans in life we tend to have the same issue, each of us thinks we see the full picture and we reason that that is the full story. We then go about trying to make everyone see it our way. When in truth, you can only really see the bigger picture by working together and being open to see it from another’s point of view.

Life is like a puzzle and we all get to work together to complete it. It does not help when some narrow minded people think they found it (and some of them are barely even 30 years old) and go around making it into doctrines that everyone must now follow. Look, there are no shortage of fools and followers out there to keep any given belief a hearing. Evidenced by cults, evolution theory, Islam……. Yes I said it Islam.

My point being that we have to listen to all and when the puzzle pieces fit, we will then conclude that the complete picture tells the story itself. I am sure if we objectively looked at all the beliefs out there we would realise that there is a commonality that exists in all of them. The reason why I specifically mentioned evolution, Islam and cults is because under the weight of scrutiny and measuring against working truth, they do not stand the test and fail, when pressure is applied. In itself the people in these systems are just as narrow minded as they accuse the Christians of being. They also are not open to listen to other beliefs that are different to their own. I know the same could be said of Christianity, but that is the result of a few immature believers who really don’t understand life in general. The reason why I poke holes at the specific beliefs that I mentioned earlier is that they don’t seem to have a mature bunch at all.

Anyway, if we want to find out what life is about and discover truth, then we have to start listening and be open to change if we find things are self evident.

Its time to deal with the elephant in the room…..



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  1. Absolutely bro. I cannot agree more. I like that you mentioned Islam. I was actually thinking about it on Saturday. I thought, that if I could have a conversation with a Muslim in which he was actually ready to consider what I had to say I would ask him the following: “Why would you place all your faith on a supposed vision one man had in a cave on his own?” That does not seem very wise to me. Say now He is wrong, what then? But I guess Islam, cults, and even evolution is not based on the rational or logical, but actually ignorance. A peer pressured thinking of society that holds no ground when honestly and fairly scrutinized. Weak and in many ways, completely evil (separate from God).

    I hope that some day, people will actually put their pride in their pocket and actually humble themselves to consider what the truth may be by weighing up all the options realistically. And then actually being willing to accept what they find.

    So, do we need more blind men, or do we only need one that can see?

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