April 20


the full story

Today I want to expand on monday’s post. Life is busy these days so it will be a short post.

It truly is a myth/misbelief that we get told the full story. If you watch news, about the various world events, its rarely that you will get the full story. What has become more prevalent is that it is even in our daily living. We most certainly do not share fully with our stuff as well. (I am not saying share your dirty laundry, but in context)

I am sure most of us has watched an alien invasion movie of sorts….. Its always the government or authorities deciding whether the “public” can handle the truth. I always wonder though. If its simply because no one tells the truth therefore the public cannot handle it. Everyone thinks on behalf of the public, therefore the public does not need to think.

Maybe if we do allow ourselves to think and practice it then we will see a different world.

A thinking world……



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