May 30


The Greatest Love you’ll never know…

There is a South African group that sings a song that goes by that title. To be more specific the chorus goes “I’m the greatest love you’ll never know”.

I get their sentiment, but I am not using it today in that context.

I was thinking….we all want to be loved. And we spend a lot of energy seeking that. Whether it be knowingly or unknowingly. But we do seek and need to be loved. And I mean in the purer sense, the love where we are completely accepted for who we are. But that is not what I want to chat about today either.

So why does love elude us so? We seek and seek and fight, but never find it. Why? What is the greatest love we will never know?

Answer : The love we never explore.

And I guess one could apply that globally across all areas of life.

What is the best job you’ll never have? The one you never apply for, right?

What is the best hobby for you? The one you never try.

What are the best businesses that we don’t see? The ideas you do not act upon.

You see the point? We have a certain criteria attached to how what and where all these things must come to us. On our own terms. Yet when something different to what we expect comes in our path we (because of our own filters) don’t accept them.

I cannot begin to tell you the amount of people I see making strange decisions. Women choosing really bad men, guys never fighting for what they want. People giving up on dreams.
Letting life hit them down.

So we have all that going on and then we decide not to explore. This is why I say the greatest love you’ll never know.

Let’s take God for instance. Certain people buy into the rubbish out there (evolution, materialism, existentialism, atheism…..) And they never come to the real Love in life. They will never know Him because they do not explore Him.

Anyway, that’s just my thoughts on it.

What do you think?



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