November 21


The long road…..

Sometimes in life we forget that life really is a journey. I meant to write about his for a while already, but never got down to it. Listening to a piece of music reminded me.

I am not sure how you live life, but I am so used to focusing on the mountain top. And living towards that. And one gets led to believe that we should live there, in the place of victory and have the ability to see what is ahead.

Yet, that is not where we spend most of our times is it?
We spend most of life in the valley. And its frustrating because we hate the ups and downs. We therefore fight to find some middle ground and split the difference between the mountain top and the valley. We want a constant.

I hope I am not being too cryptic here.

I now rather live prepared to be in the valley and endure the mountain tops. They are good, breakthroughs in life are needed, but they should be experienced and internalized, but then we need to move.

Life is a long road where you will have resting pauses, but no stops. Well maybe sometimes we need to stop and reevaluate (and I do that a lot).

Just thought I would send this today. Most of life is the process and not the actual end result.

Makes me wonder why we are so result focused……..



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