February 2


The Ocean

The ocean can really be a foreboding place. Its sheer enormity and mystery has kept humanity in awe for many centuries. One cannot but acknowledge that you simply cannot mess with the ocean in a willy nilly fashion.

On a side note I do believe that a few hundred years ago, at the annual council of sharks the sharks started to complain that food was getting difficult to catch because they spent too many hours searching for it. They voted and decided to create beaches, and they would send a vision (yes they could do that) to some poor fool smoking some weed and teach him to surf. Poor fool fell for it and problem solved. Easy food for sharks. It took time, but silly people they really think its fun still. Ha ha ha just kidding hey. Just pulling the surfers legs (or is it the sharks pulling your legs) ha ha ha ha I am going to stop I promise.

Anyway, back to what I meant to talk about. That even the ocean with its mystery and depth has a beach that is shallow. And since even some depths of the ocean will probably never be seen, we can still enjoy the ocean at least on a surface level. To go deeper means we need specific tools and training.

Which made me think….. Its pretty much like life hey. All of us have really deep parts to us, but when we meet people first we tend to present our “beach”. Which is good. Its not good to delve into the depths without knowing the surface and what it entails.

So why am I talking about this? Relationships are sometimes difficult and hard work. Maybe its because we try too early to go to the deep side without the tools (maturity, emotional IQ, respect, love).

And coming to think of it the ocean tends to reflect God too.

I mean God has depth and mystery (most of which we will not know) yet even God has the “beach” that makes Him knowable to us. And as we grow and develop we get to go deeper.
So yes even God made a place for surfers….

the Honest One


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