June 13


The Ugly Fish

I watched Oceans the move. I like watching these documentaries about nature and how they live while just going about their own merry way.

I suppose there is also the thrill of seeing the sharks, from a safe vantage point of course. What I find fascinating though, is that there are so many different types of life down there. If we never had the capability to go down there, well we simply would not know the difference. I guess we would also reason that there are monsters down there and pray that we never fall in.

But what intrigued me, is a fish that lives at the bottom of the ocean, I could not catch the name since the narration was in french (and I do not understand french). Now this fish is particularly special. In that it was extremely ugly. I mean, nothing about this fish made me want to look at further. I was tempted to fast forward, but it dawned on me.

This fish did not seem to care that it was “ugly” at least in my estimation of it. It did not sit on the rocks and compare itself to the beautiful fishes swimming by (it ate them by the way)

It never for one moment stopped living its life. Granted it never had a mirror, so it could not see itself (there must be something to that hey)

The fish went on with its “purpose” not in the least phased by what the other fishes thought of it. No doubt some fish feared it, since they would be lunch if they were not careful.

But really, I think I can learn a lot from that fish……

On a side note. I came across a rather entertaining post about a woman’s fight with mosquitoes.Click here to read it.



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  1. I think ugly is based on each individual’s perspective – so to some fish the ugly fish may appear beautiful 🙂

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