August 15


The Welcoming Committee

I am sure at some point you must of come across one of those dreaded peppy people. You know who I am talking about? People who it seems like they were paid to smile and be nice. Those unusually happy and overly zealous ones who stands at the doors of a church or company entry, and welcome you. There is no way to avoid them. They barricade the door. They create a corridor, and there is no way that you can silently slip in. The GREETERS

(I just find them creepy with their huge smiles). Nothing personal towards them, but its just not normal to be so upbeat with a total stranger. Even worse is if you return to the church the next week and the same person that greeted you with such a huge smile….does not recognise you (freaky). I myself admit to the fact that I forget names (I really cannot get over that one hey), but faces I never forget so why put these forgetful people as the welcoming committee?

Although I would not want to be the first person someone sees coming into a church, okay to be more specific, a church should not want me to be the first person anyone sees on entry to a new place. Ha ha ha, they might never return.

Yes GREETERS, next time rather don’t smile, I am onto you, I cannot put my finger on it yet, but I am sure if there was such a thing as aliens they would be greeters. No one ever suspects them.



aliens, Greeters, over zealous, Peppy

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  1. 🙂 enjoyed this one, i think they freeks as well but I must admit I do not enjoy hugs but at times they are welcomed so the greeters have their place as well.

  2. I agree. They’re creepy. The “greeters” are just like those nosy sales people in malls. They just made shopping a stressful activity.

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