April 18


things we see and hear

We are all liars.

Ok ok, so maybe not in entirety, but honesty is almost a myth these days. Don’t believe me? Have you ever walked around and greeted people and they ask how you are? You know how we greet, howzit? You don’t really stay to listen to the answer, do you?

We don’t really want to know do we?

But things only get worse. I think with the advent of technology, we have become even greater at concealing things. We can hide flaws, errors and pretty much whatever we want. We can present to you what we want you to think.

Television being the greatest tool in this trade of foolery. We put out live albums, which are not really that “live”, we have reality shows, which are not all that real.( They still have an editor in the credits)

We do not walk into a carpenter’s workshop and see all the dirt, we walk around in clean store fronts.

Dirt and flaws exist, but we do not want to see or hear about it. We want all things pretty and nice, but no mess.

We have fallen prey to the marketing hype, that promises everything, but leaves you nothing.

It does not have to be that way. You can change that.

Don’t let the myth that all is well and ok, simply because you don’t see or hear the trouble, phase you.

Question for yourself. Be honest yourself. Be true yourself.



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